Rhithm Activities: 4-6-7 Breathing Exercise

Explore this breathing exercise that helps press the break on the nervous system to slow things down in stressful times.

This is actually an ancient breathing exercise passed down through centuries right to your device! Did you know that your breathing is actually sort of like the gas pedal and break pedal on our nervous systems? When we breathe in its like pushing on the gas and when we breathe out its like pushing on the break. That’s why when you’re scared you gasp in suddenly, to rev up your engine in preparation to fight or run! It’s also why you naturally give a big sigh when your stressed or over-tired; your body is pressing the break for you to slow things down a bit. 4-6-7 Breath takes advantage of this insight, by having a longer out-breath than in-breath, so you’re pushing the gas a bit longer than the break, and your engine can begin to slow down. Give this breathing exercise a try yourself and see the difference. And visit our activities page for more!


Sit up in your chair. Now we´ll breathe in for four seconds. Hold for six seconds, and out for seven seconds. This is
called a 4-6-7 breath. Ready? Follow my lead


That is our first breath. Now let’s take a few more


(Repeat 3x)

Now, ready for class. Have a great day.

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