Rhithm Activities: Simple Ideas for Helping Kids Focus

Whether you’re a teacher, clinician, or parents helping your kids focus can seem challenging. Try this simple practice to boost those focus skills anytime.

Focus is key for learning and classroom engagement and there is no more readily available tool for developing focus than our breath. Helping kids focus can be as easy as attending to something we do all day every day, breathing. Our breath is literally always there! While this activity may not be appropriate for very high energy deregulation as it is not the most salient object of focus, or for very low energy dysregulation, as it can definitely lull a tired person to sleep – it can be an exceptionally useful tool for moderate dysregulation to help kids focus. The added benefit of this practice is that once learned it is a tool that is quite literally always at your disposal. Check out other ways to help kids focus on our activities page.

Video Transcript:

  • Sit up in your chair and take a few breaths. Now you can close your eyes, just look down at the floor, or keep them open, whatever feels comfortable and begin to notice yourself breathing
  • Fell your chest rise, your belly expand
  • Feel the cool air come into your nostrils and the warm air come back out
  • What other sensations do you notice?
  • Now pick the sensation you feel the strongest and focus your attention there…..(let 20 or so seconds pass)
  • When you notice yourself drifting off into thought, just notice what you’re thinking about! Then come back and focus on your breathing again. 
  • Now lets take one final big breath (big breath)
  • When you’re ready open your eyes. Have a great class!
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