Rhithm Activities: Grounding Technique

We all need to “get out of our head” sometimes. Explore this grounding technique and see how simple it can be to come back down to earth!

When we’re highly dysregulated it can quite literally feel like we are flying away. We get in our heads, with racing anxiety, and become disembodied.  Taking even just a moment to use a grounding technique, where we notice our butt in the chair and our feet on the floor can have a powerful effect, bringing us out of our heads and back down to earth. Give this grounding activity a shot to see how effective a simple shift can be. And visit our activity page for other calming practices, including grounding techniques and more!


Sometimes in a world full of distraction, our minds can get a bit frazzled, and it can be useful to
slow things down and reconnect to the present moment. So for today’s Rhithm activity we’ll do a
simple grounding practice, to bring you back and slow things down a bit.
Start, like normal, by sitting up straight, relaxing shoulders, closing eyes or looking down, and
taking a breath.
Take a moment to notice the sensation of breathing, inn and ouuuttt.
Then bring your attention to the sensation of your back against the chair or whatever your back is
resting against. You might notice that as your breathe in your back pushes a bit harder against
your back rest.
Now take a moment to notice the sensation of sitting. Is the surface you’re sitting on hard or
Finally bring your attention to your feet, noticing how the bottoms of your feet are planted firmly
on the ground. If it feels comfortable you can gently push your feet against the ground, noticing
how solid it is.
Nice work. Now as you prepare to transition back into the rest of your day take on final moment
to notice anything else you want.
Now take a big breath anndd open your eyes.
If you liked this activity, feel free to use it anytime your feeling a bit frazzled.
And as always, have a great day.

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