Rhithm Activities: Savoring Gratitude

Take gratitude to the next level with this activity that invites you to savor the good things in your life and rewire your brain for positivity.

People talk about gratitude a lot, but did you know we can take gratitude to another level?! It’s great to say things we’re grateful for, and to get even more out of gratitude we can actually savor it! The more we savor it, the more our brains actually start to shift, for the long term, to a place that sees the world as full of things to be grateful for. Give “Soak up the Good” a try and enjoy savoring those good things in your life. Practice this, and our other activities repeatedly and begin to notice the persistent shift in perspective.


For today’s Rhithm Activity, we’ll take a moment to soak up some good.
Starts, as always, by sitting up straight and taking a breath. Then feel free to close your eyes, just
look down towards the floor, or keep them open, whatever feels right.
As you continue to breathe, bring to mind a time when something good happened to you. Maybe
you got a good grade on a test, made a top notch instagram post that got a ton of likes, had a
great time at a party, or a nice moment with family. It could be anything, but whatever it is, bring
it to mind.
Once you’ve got that in mind you might remember some of the details about that moment.
Where were you? Who was with you? What was the temperature?
Then see if you can remember the vibe you felt in that moment. What did it feel like to
experience something good?
This can be a bit challenging, but if you’re feelin it, you might pay attention to your body and see
if you can remember what you’re body felt like in that moment.
Now take a biiiigg breath and settle in to take a few moments to just enjoy. Soak it in.
We experience a lot of good things in our lives, but for some perfectly natural scientific reasons,
we often don’t take the time to appreciate them.
When you’re ready, start getting prepared to transition into the rest of your day.
You might pay attention to see if this practice has a positive impact on the rest of your day. And
don’t forget to soak up the good every now and then.
Have a great day.

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