Rhithm Activities: Simple Movement Activity

Explore this simple movement activity to see how easy it can be to bring movement into your classroom, home, or practice.

The effects of movement and exercise on learning and thinking are well documented, but what people often don’t realize is how little it actually takes to see a big effect. We don’t have to have a 2 hour gym session to boost our mood and learning potential, even a 30 second movement activity of relatively benign movement can increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain and make all the difference. Give “swinging arms” a try and see the shift you notice in less than a minute. Then try out other movement activities in our global activity library.


For today’s Rhithm Activity, we’ll start by standing up.
Once you’re up, as always, take a breath.
Now with your arms by your side, start to rotate your upper body from left to right like this.
Now begin letting your arms swing freely as you rotate. You might let your arms get really
floppy and relaxed as you rotate back and forth letting them flop freely against your body.
Keep twisting and flopping and you notice a growing sense of relaxation, letting your shoulders,
back, and arms get quite loose.
Now when your ready stop your twisting.
Now you can close your eyes, just look down towards the floor, or keep them open,
whatever feels right and take a moment to notice how that activity made you feel.
Now take one final breath as you sit down, and have a great day.

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