Guide to CSV Rostering

Step 01:
Customer Agreement

Review and complete our standard customer agreement which includes a free 60 day pilot test. After your pilot, keep using Rhithm and set up payments that align with your budget cycle.

Step 02:
Connect Us With IT

Put us in Contact with your IT department by completing our welcome form or by having them email team@rhithm.app

Step 03:
Choose Your Training Level

Option 01: Zoom Training
1 hour video conference walk through of the app + Q&A for anyone who wants to join! This training costs $500. SCHEDULE NOW

Option 02: Self Training
Receive a link to share with teachers and staff that includes everything you need to get started using Rhithm. The self training option comes at no cost to you. VIEW RESOURCES

Step 04:
Check Your Inbox

Typically a week after you connect us with your IT department, we will notify you when your site is up and ready to get in Rhithm!

Step 05:
Get In Rhithm!

Start using and implementing Rhithm into your day-to-day routine. Explore everthing Rhithm has to offer and start making an impact with optimized SEL solutions.

Step 06:
Make Payment

Settle up on payment during your normal budget cycle!

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