The Most Affordable SEL & Mental Health Tool on the Market!

Our pricing aligns with our mission and values: We’re real, heart-centered people here to make scalable change!

In order to do that, we have to have a price that everyone can afford. Thats why we beat our competitors prices by more than 60%. Its also why we include pricing on our website instead of forcing you to call us, because thats what real people do!

Small Campus License

$ 10
/ User Anually
  • Rhithm App™ access for up to 250 Students and Staff per campus
  • 30 min Staff Training
  • Self-Training Resources
  • 24/7 Support Line

*Campuses with 250 or less users qualify (users include staff and students)

Large District/Network License

$ 25,000

per year, for 10+ campus districts
  • Rhithm App™ access for all students & staff in the District
  • Rhithm Insights™ access for District Administrators
  • Up to Ten 30 min Staff Training(s)
  • Unlimited Strategic Consultations between District & Rhithm leadership
  • 24/7 Support Line

*$1,000/Campus one-time implementation fee.  – We are flexible around when/how these implementation fees are structured and invoiced. Some Districts pay them upfront, some pay at the end of the year, some have the campuses cover them. We can be flexible, just ask (real people 🙂).

Campus/Small District License

$ 2,500

per year, per campus
  • Rhithm App™ access for all students & staff in the campus(s)
  • 30 min Staff Training per Campus
  • Self-Training Resources
  • 24/7 Support Line

*Districts/Networks with 10 or less campuses pay this flat rate per campus. $1500 fee to add access to Rhithm Insights for District Admins

Let us know if you’d like one of our founders to reach out to you!

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