• Annual License
  • Monthly or Annual Payment Options
  • Discounts Available with Multi-Campus Purchases
  • Discounts Available with Multi-year Contracts

Contract Benefits

  • Estimated 11:1 Return on Investment (ROI) CASEL
  • Campus level benefits include increased student-teacher understanding  Students are 9x more likely to enter how they feel through digital medium.
  • Immediate cultural shift: Schools report 30 day campus wide cultural adoption (K-6)
  • Teachers and students learn together: Say goodbye to traditional SEL implementation.
  • District level benefits: 5 Year Plan becomes 1 Year Plan. See how rapidly entire districts Get in Rhithm.
  • No student falls through the cracks, preventative measures.
  • Rapid Improvement: Initial data dictates 30%+ increase in regulation in first 30 days of consistent adoption

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