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Rhithm’s, emoji-based digital assessment allows educators to gather vital data that impacts their classrooms every day. Understanding student’s and teacher’s (yes teachers can take it too!) Mental, Emotional,  Physical and Social experience has never been more important  and with Rhithm, has never been easier.


When the class finishes the assessment, Rhithm’s patent-pending algorithm matches the students and teachers to the perfect activity at the perfect time. The activity launches automatically allowing teachers and students to learn together and bringing SEL skills into the classroom without the need for training.


Real time updates and customized dashboard for students, teachers, principals, counselors, and districts makes Rhithm’s SEL data accessible and dynamic. Whether it’s preventing violence, facilitating IEP’s or informing district policy, Rhithm provides actionable data to support better decision making at all levels.

Students taking Rhithm's Assessment

The Assessment

With five simple categories (Mental, Emotional, Energy, Physical, Social – “MEEPS”) and an array of custom emojis, our cutting edge, evidence-based assessment gathers vital data quickly and in a way that makes sense to today’s modern student. 

Mindfulness, Gratitude, Kindness, Character, Self-Love, Self-Management, Empathy. Bring this and more into your classrooms with our ever-expanding, CASEL-aligned content library. Learn and practice along with your students to build your own skills and promote a cohesive classroom.

The Dashboards

Watch assessment data come in, in real time and keep a finger on the pulse of your classrooms. Leverage an array of filters on our intuitive dashboards to gain actionable insights and understand trends in students, in classrooms, in schools and in districts as a whole.

Lack of Data & Accessibility Solutions

Rhithm provides real-time, daily insights into the physical, mental, and emotional experiences of students (and teachers & staff). Intuitive, customized dashboards for district personnel, counselors, principals, teachers, and students make data constantly accessible at every level.

Solutions for Time Management Challenges

Our software allows teachers to gather crucial SEL data and bring powerful SEL lessons to the classroom in manageable 3-minute increments that don’t interfere with academic learning objectives.

Solutions for Implementation Challenges

Rhithm is user friendly, works automatically, and trains teachers and students at the same time! This removes the need for time-consuming teacher trainings and allows social emotional learning to roll out district wide at light speed! Say goodbye to your five-year timeline. Bring SEL to every student, teacher, and staff member in your district, right now!

Rhithm solves former time management problems when gathering data on Social Emotional status of my students.  I’ve always strived to have a check in with each student as often as possible in order to get a feel for how they are doing.  This allows me to touch base with each student while gathering the specific data I need to be the best support for my kids!
Rhithm will allow me to be proactive in reaching out to students quickly when they are having problems or are experiencing feelings that may interfere with their learning. It will give me the chance to help these children manage their emotions and teach them coping skills to self-regulate before the feelings intensify or small problems turn into big problems.

Rhithm's Assessment & Dashboards provide students an opportunity to self-reflect, while our mindfulness activities help cultivate awareness skills.


With an array of breathing, yoga, and educational content, Rhithm's activities are designed with a particular focus on this pivotal skill.

Social awareness

Rhithm's empathy, kindness, and self-love activities help students build compassion, respect and love for others and themselves.

RESPONSIBLE DEcision making

Problem solving activities, gratitude practices and character building content give students the skills they need to make responsible choices.

Relationship skills

Teachers can choose from a library of time-sorted team-building activities to bring this crucial life skill to the classroom in as little as 1 minute!

Program Outcomes

Asset 2

Richer classrooms

Taking a brief moment to prepare for class increases retention and engagement in the classroom.

Life Skills Building

Six of the top 10 skills identified by the World Economic Forum are related to Social and Emotional Competencies.

Asset 4

At-Risk Screening

Rhithm allows education institutions to keep up with the pulse of their student body, providing vital data to help prevent problems before they happen.

Serious ROI

A robust body of research has shown that for every $1 spent on SEL programs like Rhithm, there is an $11 economic return on that investment!


Research has shown an 11 percentile increase in student's test scores in schools that implement SEL programs.


Nashville Schools documented a 33% reduction in disciplinary referrals and a 60% reduction in suspensions after two years of implementing SEL programs.

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