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Targeted Microinterventions to Help Teachers Know What to Do Next

Targeted Microinterventions to Help Teachers Know What to Do Next

It is harder than ever for educators required to assist students with their social emotional wellbeing. Demand has outstripped their capacity and knowledge of effective intervention.

Moreover, even if a teacher does know how to address student well-being needs, it’s difficult to know which students to prioritize and how to help multiple students simultaneously.

After consultation with teachers, campus, and district administrators about what they need – Rhithm has come up with a scalable solution through our new Teacher Tips feature.

Rhithm Teacher Tips provides educators effective, targeted social emotional well-being intervention  recommendations for small groups of students  based on their well-being needs as identified by the Rhithm Essential Wellness Check-In. This information is delivered seamlessly within the Teacher Dashboard to maximize efficiency.

Each response group has a series of three short videos (all 3 minutes or less) that give an overview of the problem and a deeper dive into two strategies to help address it. These videos are written and delivered by top mental health experts in the field with direct education experience.

Additionally, for educators who prefer written materials over video content, each video has a corresponding article that can be quickly read and optionally printed for future reference.

The current response groups include students responding with: Anger, Anxiety, Low Mood, Low Energy, High Energy, Social Struggles and Hunger.

This feature is currently available to our Hero members. If you’d like to learn more about upgrading your campus to Hero, please contact your Account Manager or Sales Representative.

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