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We hope you and your loved ones are safe, healthy, and managing this challenge well. We know there is A LOT on all of your plates right now. We know there are distance learning logistics to be sorted and basic needs to be met.


It is our hope that when the foundations of a way forward are in place, Rhithm can be a powerful tool to help you all continue to support the mental, emotional, and social needs of the students we all serve. 

Its as simple as...

Daily, Digital Emoji Assessment

Effective, Automatic Activities

Real-Time Data and Insight for Educators

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Vulnerable students could fall through the cracks

Suicide is second leading cause of death in ages 10-24

Rhithm's digital emoji-based assessment tool can be used from a distance

Connection to caregivers at school is a major protective factor

Children are 9x more likely to communicate challenges through digital means

Some home environments contribute to trauma

Allows educators to monitor student well-being daily and stay connected

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An Array of New Challenges and Solutions

And How Rhithm Can Help

Many students are likely feeling heightened anxiety. The professionals they would typically rely on now have barriers to overcome.

With Rhithm Teachers, principals, and counselors can monitor and visualize student well-being, see student notes, and moreComing soon, they can connect directly with students via zoom inside the app as soon as a need presents.


Meeting basic needs is clearly the first step. Once this foundation is in place, SEL shouldn’t disappear, but SEL is uniquely difficult to implement from a distance. 

Rhithm provides CASEL-Aligned activities that can be launched on students devices automatically. We use an algorithm that optimizes activities for each student. No need for a teacher to be in the classroom to implement powerful SEL.


Strategies that keep students engaged and provide smart, effective breaks, are more important now than ever. 

Rhithm’s quick check-in helps students pause and prepare before jumping into learning. Activities specifically designed to help students transition and engage. Rhithm can be used remotely as many times per day as needed.


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