Rhithm Activities: Brain Stimulating

Explore this brain stimulating activity which leverages the science of “crossing the midline” to get your brain firing on all cylinders.

Many of you have probably heard of “crossing the midline.” These brain stimulating activities, often referred to as cross laterals, have our hands or legs cross over the middle part of our body. This actually gets both hemispheres of the brain to communicate with each other, increasing firing, and gearing up the brain for learning. Rhithm activities like Cross Crawl, Swinging Arms, and Windmills take advantage of this little hack! Give this brain stimulating activity a try and see if you can notice an impact.


Hello! You’ll need a little space in front of you for this activity so if you scoot
your chair back, turn sideways, stand up, or otherwise find some room for
This activity might feel a bit strange, but some super smart people did lots
of research and found out that it’s a really effective way to get your brain
firing on all cylinders.
To get started stand tall or sit tall in your chair, with feet flat on the floor and
take a quick deep breath.
Now bring you right knee to your left elbow, and back down. Now switch,
bringing you left knee to your right elbow. Got it?
Now give it a shot at your own pace. We’ll go for about 20 seconds.
(light commentary at your discretion)
Alright, all done! Your brain is now firing on all cylinders and ready to learn!
As always, take a moment to notice how you feel after that exercise, and
have a great class!

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